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Dynamic, In Depth and On-Demand Analytics...

See More Than Just Statistics. Measure Progress Over Time With Complete Comparative Web Analytics!

One of the most powerful features of Web Stats Gold is the ability to compare results over time and see your percentage of change for every metric.

Web Stats Gold provides the in-depth, up to the second data you need to: improve sales performance, reduce shopping cart abandonment, control ad costs, optimize ad campaigns, evaluate and improve page content, monitor multiple web sites and more.

Marketing Campaign Analysis Marketing Campaign Analysis

  • Compare campaign performance over time

  • Identify the most successful offers and promotions

  • Monitor email campaign success
  • See which sales came from each ad, search or referral

eCommerce Sales Analysis eCommerce Analysis

  • Identify top performing products

  • Discover which content most attracts visitors
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Improve your visitor's online experience

Search Engine / Search Phrase Analysis Search Engine / Search Phrase Analysis

  • Measure and optimize Search Engine marketing efforts

  • Distinguish between organic and paid search results

  • Control Pay-Per-Click costs
  • Optimize keywords and phrases

Navigation Analysis Navigation Analysis

  • Determine unique visitors, return visitors

  • See which paths and pages led to sales

  • Find out where your visitors got lost or exited your site

Page Content Analysis Page Content Analysis

  • Evaluate page real estate for top performance

  • Determine which subjects on a page most interest your visitors

  • Analyze on page link effectiveness
  • Easily guage the effectiveness of each page's content

Whether you have a home based web business or an international enterprise, Web Stats Gold provides the in depth web analytics you need to insure success.


Take the Web Stats Gold Quick Tour Take the Quick Tour to see a few Web Stats Gold highlights.


Compare historical results against current results to gain instant insight into how your initiatives are progressing. Results are shown side by side for every metric, along with a percentage of increase or decrease. Or, for a quick overview, show only the results for the current time period.

The Web Stats Gold trend line gives busy executives an immediate, visual summary of progress for every aspect of the enterprise.

Manage multiple sites from one control panel. Allow your clients to view results for only their web business, while you maintain control over any or all of your client sites.


Your success is a very serious business. It is not a guessing game. You need to know exactly what you are doing, every step of the way.

Set Up Your Web Stats Gold Account Now!

Simple to set up, easy to use

Real time web analytics delivered anytime you need it
No software to install
No slow and messy log files
Invisible to your visitors
Doesn't affect page performance
Works with any web site

Just cut and paste a small piece of code into each page you want to track and you are instantly collecting web statistics! Or let the Web Stats Gold Multi-Updater do if for you. You can update hundreds or even thousands of web pages in just seconds.

100% Risk Free Guarantee
Free 30 Day Trial
No Long Term Contracts
Cancel at Any Time

Set Up Your Web Stats Gold Account Now!







  Website Analytics News

Web Stats Gold Affiliate Program Launched

Oct 1, 2005 - Web Stats Gold officially launched it's new affiliate partner program. Our ideal partners will be in businesses associated with website statistics, such as website design and development, webmasters, SEOs, and other positions that attract business to business traffic. If you are interested in becoming part of our marketing team, please contact us via email at Affiliates giving a few details about your business, number of unique visitors, and a link to your current marketing site

And be sure to check out the benefits of WSG's in-depth web site analytics for your own web sites.



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