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Help Pages

Here we have broken down the most important subjects regarding using Web Stats Gold.

You might want to also check out the Tutorials section for more information.

If you spot errors or have further questions, don't hesitate to let us know.

Contact our support team.

Setting Up Web Stats Gold on Your Web Site Setting up your web site to use Web Stats Gold
Covers the basic web site statistics provided by most services. Describes each element, what it means and how to use it.
How To Set Up Your Web Stats Gold Account How to Set Up Web Stats Gold Covers account set up and configuration.
How to Use Web Stats Gold Covers the various screens and fields, start and end dates, reports and so on.
How to set up Ad Tracking

Setting up Ad tracking is very simple. When you add a link to your ad, simply add '?adq=adcode' to the end of the url. Like so:


You can use whatever you want for your ad code. Usually it is some sort of tag that easily identifies where and when the ad ran.

NOTE: There can only be one '?' in a url, so if your url already has one, just add your Ad code to the end of the string with an '&' like this:


How to set up Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking is done in the same way as Ad Tracking above, except that the code is slightly different.

Place '?afq=' plus your affiliate code after the normal page link, like this:


superseller can be anything you and your affiliates agree on, just so it is consistent.

NOTE: There can only be one '?' in a url, so if your url already has one, just add your affiliate code to the end of the string with an '&' like this:





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