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Premier Web Site Traffic Analysis


Analyze Your Web Site Statistics

Using Browsers, Cookies and other user statistics

Your web site statistics include browser types, colors used and many other aspects of your visitors' equipment.

Some of these are:

Browser type and revision
Screen size
Number of colors used
Operating system

Whether or not the following are enabled or disabled:

Time zones
Background sounds and others

Although not as critical as some of the other web site statistics, these can be very handy in making decisions about your site.

We once had to make a decision as to whether or not to use cookies as a method of identifying returning visitors. An examination of our web site statistics showed that virtually everyone had left them enabled. So we were able to add this feature to our website with confidence that we could believe the statistics. However, to be complete, we also kept our original algorithm for IP tracking. So now we have complete visitor tracking throughout the web site.

On the other hand, Java was often disabled, discouraging us from adding it in high profile positions.

Some of the more useful items in this list are the screen size and color settings. You can use these to determine the most optimal size and color scheme for your site. Don't forget, however, that some people do not even use a screen! Be sure to use alt tags on all images so that these people can also navigate your site easily.





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