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Web Stats Gold Announces Launch of its New High Profit Affiliate Partner Program.

W Moore & Co, Sacramento, CA, (PRWEB via PR Web Direct), October 3, 2005 – Web Stats Gold, (http://www.webstatsgold.com), today announced the official launch of its new High Profit Affiliate Partner Program. Designed to provide a high return on investment, the affiliate partner program pays an extraordinary 30% per month. This makes it easy for even a smaller affiliate to make a respectable income with little effort on their part.

“This is an ideal opportunity for internet professionals in many areas to make a very good residual income.” said WG Moore, CEO of W Moore & Co, the parent company of Web Stats Gold. “Our ideal partners will be in businesses such as website design and development, webmasters, SEOs, and other positions that attract business to business traffic.”
Web Stats Gold is a very high power web analytics system designed to help clients build a stronger, more profitable website. Simple hit counters and basic stats have proven useless in internet marketing. Website statistics is now only a minor part of the web marketer’s arsenal.

In the past, the emphasis was on statistics: Counting 'hits', or ‘Stickiness’. This is no longer the case. Now the emphasis is on building profits, providing customer service and high quality products and content. To do this, we need a whole new set of advanced tools: Tools to find out which text on a page sells the most products, which products, ads or partners bring the most profits, not just the most visitors. Tools to show you where your visitors are getting off the path that leads to a sale, and many others.

“Web stats programs just don’t give you the deep analysis you need to run a business anymore.” said Mr. Moore. “The cowboy days are gone. The internet has changed so much that unless you run a professional business in a professional way, there is virtually no way to succeed.”

Now it takes an army of sales partners, affiliates, marketers, and advertising to succeed. We are looking for high quality partners willing to put in the effort to develop solid marketing material and provide informative, educational information to potential clients. In return, we offer excellent financial returns that keep on growing.

If interested in investigating the potential of the Web Stats Gold Affiliate Partner Program, you should send an email to info@webstatsgold.com giving a few details about your business, number of unique visitors, and a link to your current marketing site.

About W Moore & Co

W Moore & Co. was established in 1986 to provide computer related design and development services to small businesses. We have developed applications in smart cards, graphics tools, encryption, web design and many others, as well as doing database development and programming for our clients in the US, Europe and Asia.


Willis Moore
W Moore & Co
PH: 916-481-7049
Web Site: http://www.webstatsgold.com




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